Teaching a Lesson

A few days ago I got 35 dojo points. When you get to 35 dojo points you get to teach a subject to your class.

I taught art. First we got a page of whatercolour paper. We then started sketching a scene on the paper with a pencil.

After that we outlined our sketches with a black marker.

We then got red, pink, yellow, green and blue food dye. Then we got a paintbrush and started painting our pictures.

We had to put a few layers of food colouring on our picture as we wanted them to be wet. The minute we painted one object we had to put up our hand so the teacher could put salt on them. The salt made a cool effect. It was really impotant that we put the rock salt on when it was wet so the effect would work. The group who was working the best was promised a bar of toblorone to share out with our group. We were all doing our best work.

After we were finished our art, we tidied our desks and we sat down as we wanted the bar of toblorone.

After we were done cleaning up we were surprised, as our teacher each gave us a bit of a toblorone each.

We were very happy with the toblorone and our art lesson.

By a fourth class student.






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