Recently we did scrapbook projects on animals in diffrent countrys the options were;

  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • South America
  • India

We had to do at least 20 pages, a contents page, pictures of each animal, lots of facts  and comments. Some people even put in the flag and a map of the place where the animals live.

The projects were great fun to make we learnt so much about animals that we did not know before.

Everyone put in so much effort an they turned out amazing!

Some people typed and printed their projects and some wrote and drew their projects.

We had a date that we were supposed to finish them by and we all just about made it in time

We really look forward to reading all our friends projects and learning about the animals in the other countries

They were so good we think they deserve a cheer!     YEAH! WOOO WOOO! YEAH!

Written by 3rd class students.

Here are some pictures of our projects.

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