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Online Artists 🎨

Online Artists 🎨 2nd class have been doing a fantastic job on Seesaw over the last 2 weeks! We have been trying to keep busy with all of our usual school activities...Read More

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas A new classmate arrived at the end of November to cause a bit of mischief. Squidworth arrived but had to stay in quarantine for a number of days. He...Read More

Claude Monet

Claude Monet This month, we looked at the artist Claude Monet. The children experimented with mixing colours and colour tones. Again, I am amazed at the...Read More

Happy Christmas from Fifth Class

Happy Christmas from Fifth Class Fifth class have been busy getting into the Christmas spirit over the past few days. There was great excitement in Room 12 when the boys and girls...Read More

Symbols and propaganda

Symbols and propaganda The boys and girls’ higher-order thinking skills kicked into gear during English studies over the past few days. Room 12 has been working on...Read More

Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop It has been a busy month in Junior Infants as we have really been getting into the Christmas Spirit. There has been lots of Christmas themed...Read More

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