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PTA Meeting - Wednesday 25th at 8pm

Dear Parents,

The next Parent Teacher Association and fundraising meeting will take place next Wednesday the 25th November at 8pm.  

The Parent Teacher Association at Greenlanes is made up of all parents and guardians of children at the school. You are automatically a member once you have a child at the school. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings, whether you want to make a contribution or just attend to keep yourself informed.

Meetings are divided into two parts: the first part deals with matters of interest to parents about education generally, matters current at school which you may need to know about. The second part of the meeting is about fundraising.

You are welcome to attend one part, or the other, or both.

Greenlanes NS Parent Teacher Association is a member of the National Parents Council (Primary). This brings many benefits to you as parents, particularly in accessing their expert training programmes for parents. It will also allows you to attend their conferences which are of a very high standard and are free of charge to parents of member schools. We promise to keep you informed on these.

Agenda for Wednesday

If there is anything you would like to put on the Agenda for the meeting on 25th, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our main topic on fundraising on Wednesday will be the Winter Fair which takes place on Sunday the 6th of December, so if you would like to be involved please come along to help with the organisation of the event.

The agenda for the meeting will go up onto the website next week.

Kim Brady

Chairperson of the PTA/Fundraising Committee.

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