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Greenlanes National School - Parents Association (PA) - Annual Review


Greenlanes National School - Parents Association (PA) - Annual Review

The purpose of the PA is to support parents to be active in the best interests of their children’s education whilst working in co-operation with the Board, the Principal and the Teachers.

All parents of children attending Greenlanes are automatically members of the PA. A committee oversees and organises the activities of the PA.

Over the past year, the PA has

  • Taken out membership of the National Parents Council (NPC).
    • Availed of NPC Training for “Parent Talks” Series. Talks to parents included Supporting Parents to Support their Children's Mental Health and Well-being,Internet Safety for Your Child, Your Child's Physical Activity, Transition from Primary to Post-Primary School and Anti-bullying.
    • Availed of NPC training for the Committee.
  • Contributed towards the school’s fundraising requirements, raising more than 12,000 euro, primarily through a cake sale and raffle, bag-packing and a sponsored walk. The fundraising will continue in the current school year.
  • Encouraged the setting up of extra-curricular activities such as Coder Dojo and a local history talk.
  • Engaged in a number of initiatives such as promoting a voluntary one way system for traffic on Seafield Avenue, parent involvement in the school Sports Day, a Parents Social and a cycle maintenance facility.
  • Arranged a New Parents coffee morning.
  • Hosted its AGM to report on progress and elect a new committee – current members of which include Sarah Armstrong, Nicola Barry, Ciara Burns (NPC Liaison), Alan Harper (Parent Nominee on Board of Management), Sinead Jordan (Treasurer), Elke Koker, Gerard O’Rourke, Kate Robbins (Parent Nominee on Board of Management), Rachel Rossney (Secretary), Hugo Thompson and Ronan White (Chair).

The new committee is working to build on the very good work done by its predecessor and in that regard, looks forward to co-operating with and supporting the school by

  • Playing a role in themed weeks at the school across the next year.
  • Getting involved in a library support and literacy project.
  • Encouraging greater parent involvement in support for the school and its activities.
  • Promoting the need for Garda vetting for parents who wish to help the school.
  • Directing fundraising towards specific needs.
  • Hosting an open meeting and further “Parent Talks” to support and encourage the parents in the school.
  • Communicating with the parents through the school website and through class reps as appropriate. The committee can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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