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Road Safety

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We know that the start and end of the school day can be a busy time for everyone, but we need to keep our children safe and show regard to our neighbours living on the roads adjoining the school

There have been a number of ‘near misses’ on Seafield Avenue involving children travelling to and from school, the main cause seems to be drivers that are doing ‘U turns’ on the road and mounting the pavement too fast.  Drivers of reversing cars may not see children behind them, particularly when the children are travelling fast on scooters and bicycles. There have have been too many of these incidents - next time your child could be hurt.

In light of these incidents, we are urging families, minders and friends to slow down, and follow a one way system when driving to and from school:
Drivers are asked to enter Seafield Avenue from the SOUTH when using the School’s main entrance
and drivers are asked to enter Seapark Road from the NORTH when using the School's lane as their entrance.
To try and limit the number of cars on Seafield Avenue, we would like to remind you of the lane entrance on Seapark Road.  Mr O’Shea and Mrs O’Connor are at this entrance every morning and also at 2pm pickup.  They are there to supervise the children coming into school - it is a good option for older children.
Our paramount concern is for the safety of all our children travelling to and from school and prevention of a more serious incident happening outside Greenlanes.

So please keep our children safe and

  • Follow the flow;
  • Caution mounting the footpath;
  • Extra caution when reversing;
  • Watch out for scooters and small cyclists on the footpath;
  • Please NO ‘U TURNS’

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