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Primary Language Curriculum

  • Primary Language Curriculum

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    The new Primary Language Curriculum for English and Irish is being implemented across all primary schools.  It is structured to make it easier for teachers to support children learning both English and Irish.  As a parent, the biggest difference you’ll see is in how your child will learn the two languages in school.  Over the coming years, your child will have lots of opportunities to talk in class, give their opinion and express their thoughts and ideas.  Children will also be given the opportunity to explore and offer their opinions on poems, stories and messages written by others.  The curriculum highlights the importance of children developing their oral language skills as well as learning to read and write.  Your child will be supported in making progress in oral language, reading and writing at a level and pace suited to them. 

    The new Language Curriculum supports children with different learning strengths and needs.  Your child’s language learning in the infant classes will happen through play and playful interactions with their friends and teacher in the classroom.  This will help them to build on their language learning in the preschool years based on Aistear The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework.


    The following are useful documents with more details about the Primary Language Curriculum:  

    ü Information Sheet for Parents

    ü  Primary Language Curriculum English and Irish Language 

    ü Primary Language Support Materials Oral Language

    ü  Primary Language Support Materials Reading

    ü  Primary Language Support Materials Writing 

    ü  Primary Language Support Materials Relevant Across all Strands


    These websites have further information regarding the Primary Language Curriculum:



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