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Parent Teacher Meetings will take place from Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd November.

Meetings can be booked through Aladdin Connect from Tuesday 30th October. 


Please email aidan.oshea@greenlanes.ie if you are having difficulty registering with Aladdin Connect. 


The next Family Service in the Church of St. John the Baptist, Seafield Road is this Sunday 28th October at 10.30am. All are welcome to attend. 

Please text Cathy A on 0868337528 by lunchtime tomorrow if your child would like to do a reading or a prayer.


On Friday, children are welcome to come to school dressed up. All classes will have a small Halloween party. Children may bring in one small treat for themselves to eat at the party. 

Please bring schoolbags as usual, as the parties will begin at approx 11:30am. 

Each year, the younger children become distressed when they lose some part of their Halloween costume. If possible, please keep the costume simple to avoid loss of parts.


Dear Parents, 

We have been listening to the older children and their feelings of being burdened and stressed by fitting in homework with their after school activities and everyday lives. One boy said that having been learning for five and a half hours, he goes to his rugby practice and then remembers he has yet more learning to do. A number of schools are piloting a reduced/no homework policy and we feel that it is now appropriate to trial the same. 

Starting from Monday 22nd October, children from 2nd-6th will only complete four tasks each night from Monday to Thursday. 

  • One Work it Out exercise
  • One Spellbound exercise
  • One Realta Litriu exercise or some Irish Reading
  • Maths Tables

No other formal homework will be assigned. 

Junior Infant – First Class homework will remain as is for the moment. 

Project Work no longer be done at home as a number of children do not have access to WiFi, Printers or Computers. 

This is a trial that will run until the Christmas Holidays. 

Cathy Atkin


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