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The AGM of the Greenlanes Parents' Association took place at the school on Wednesday 20th September.
A new committee was formed and is made up of nine parents - six from last year's committee and three new members.
A big thank you to Sarah Armstrong, Nicola Barry, Ciara Burns, Gerard O'Rourke and Hugo Thompson who stepped down from the committee and to all parents who supported us and the school over the last year.
We welcome and appreciate the involvement of the three new committee members, Sara, Mary Rose and Pauline.
The PA committee for the new year is Pauline Garvey, Alan Harper, Elke Koker, Mary Rose Lyons, Sara O'Brien, Kate Robbins, Rachel Rossney, Richard Watson and Ronan White.
We welcome the support of all parents.
Ronan White

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The NPC is currently developing its new Strategic Plan 2018-2022, as part of this process we are consulting parents and other stakeholders. As children are at the centre of everything we do within NPC we want to ensure we are including their voices within the development of this plan.

It would be great if you could ask your child/children to complete this brief survey and assist them with it if they need any help, we really want to include their feedback.

This is the link to the survey for children https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Your_Parents_and_You_in_Primary_School

Many thanks

Kind regards

Ronan White - Chairperson PA 

PS: Please note if you have more than one child, each child can complete a separate survey


Dear Junior and Senior Infant Parents,

Aistear is a new initiative for learning through play and many resources are required to implement it correctly. We would like to collect a variety of toys and other resources in good condition for use within the Aistear programme. If you have any of the following items at home, that you no longer require, we would be extremely grateful if you could donate them to the school. As they will be used as teaching resources please only send in items that are still functional and in good working order. Please note that we are not asking for new toys but items that you may have at home that are no longer required.

Examples of items/resources we are looking for include:

Dress up clothes: costumes, aprons, shirts, dresses, jackets, scarves, glasses, gloves, handbags, shoes, unbreakable mirrors, small clothes rail and hangers etc.

Home corner: toy kitchen, dolls and clothes, cots, changing unit/mat, play buggy, dolls blankets, bottles, cushions, duvet, small plastic/soft seating, beanbags, old phones, toy irons and ironing boards, toy hoover, mops, brushes, tea towels, clock, doorbell etc.

Toy kitchen equipment: toy cooker, toy fridge, toy dinner set, toy tea set, toy food, toy washing machine, toy microwave, toy dishwasher, basin

Restaurant/Café: chef’s hats, menus, food magazines, plastic tablecloth, plastic plates, glasses, cups cutlery, pretend food

Architects/Builders: Lego, building blocks, stickle bricks, plastic tool boxes, hard hats, high visibility jackets, old torches, toy tools, toy workshop etc.

Doctors/dentists/hairdressers: dress up clothing, toy equipment

Shops: Toy shopping trolley, shopping baskets, pretend money, purses, pretend food, cash register, market stall

Animals: toy animals, teddy animals, vets clothes and equipment, farm sets etc

Small World: Dolls houses and other buildings, Dolls house furniture, little toy people, Lego people, animals, cars, trains, planes, boats, farm machinery, diggers etc

Holidays: travel brochures, toy passports, suitcases, toy planes etc.

Post Office: cards, fancy paper, envelopes, stampers, toy laptop

Stencils, Puppets, Mini pop up tents , Beanbags

Many thanks in advance,

Ms. Johnston and Ms. Kingston


Dear Parents,

This is to update you with news about CoderDojo at Greenlanes.

Following a great last year, CoderDojo at Greenlanes will be taking place again at the school this term (Sep-Christmas) and next term (January-Easter).

What Is CoderDojo?

CoderDojo is a worldwide movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people. More Information about CoderDojo can be found here: https://coderdojo.com/  We believe running a CoderDojo in Greenlanes has benefits beyond being a fun activity for the children, including:

  • Exposing children to programming earlier, helping them become technology creators not simply consumers
  • Locating a local CoderDojo in the school pushes the STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Greenlanes’ focus on numeracy
  • Encouraging both girls and boys in the STEM subjects from an early age
  • Young people who attend sessions (Dojos) also learn complementary skills of logical thinking, problem-solving, presentation and communication skills. Children are encouraged to present their work at the end of a session, or as frequently as they wish. This has been really popular with the children at Greenlanes CoderDojo.
  • Within the CoderDojo Movement, there is a focus on community, peer learning, youth mentoring and self-led learning.  The mentors are there to nudge the coders along, not formally teach them.

How Does CoderDojo work at Greenlanes?

  • CoderDojo at Greenlanes is run by parents. We have two leaders (Richard Watson and John Forrest) and other parent mentors.
  • We'll run Coderdojo on Thursday afternoon each week. This will be 5-6pm. We used to run the session 5.30-6.30pm but found that by 5.30 (and certainly by 6.30 a lot of the kids are very tired and hungry).  We acknowledge this makes it harder for parents getting back from work, so next term we’ll go back to the later time.
  • We run CoderDojo in the school atrium, so we can fit about 15 coders (and their parents) in there.
  • There is no cost to participate and there never will be.
  • Children need to bring their own laptops, we will not be using the school computers. This also means children can continue their projects at home on the same computers. Any operational laptop should work fine. Please do not go and buy anything new for CoderDojo.
  • In CoderDojo, parents stay with their children. The CoderDojo in Greenlanes is not intended to be a period of after-school childcare. We recognise that this presents issues for families in which parents are working or looking after other children. We suggest that, by prior arrangement with mentors, parents can ‘double up’ on the children they are staying with. But the parent:children ratio must be 2:1 (including other non-participating younger children). This enables the volunteer mentors to concentrate on assisting the coders with their programming, while parents ensure their children are not disrupting the others, or help out with the running of the Dojo. Many parents will also learn about coding themselves so that they can help their children with their coding projects at home and the parent gets to share the journey that their children are on.
  • The organisers and mentors will communicate everything to parents, using email, not to children directly.

What Coding Are We Doing?

Because we have coders at different levels, at CoderDojo in Greenlanes this term we are running 3 separate activities in parallel:

  1. Beginners will be coding in the Scratch programming environment. More information on Scratch can be found here:https://scratch.mit.edu/  Beginners will work through 9 great projects introducing different areas of Scratch, something different each week. One week you will be drawing rainbow coloured snowflakes, another week you’ll be coding a space game with a ship avoiding asteroids.
  2. Improvers will do more advanced Scratch projects (*NEW for this year*) that might take 2-3 weeks to complete.
  3. Experienced Ninjas that have already done advanced Scratch projects (you know who you are) will be learning a new programming language called Python. Python is a general purpose programming language that coders can start learning now and keep going with until they are professional programmers! It's not a toy, Python is used to build sites like YouTube and Instagram.

Depending on the numbers interested, we aim to have about 4-6 coders in each activity.

What to do Now?

If you are interested in CoderDojo for your child, please get in touch by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Not to the school directly, please). Let us know if you are interested for this term (and you can make Thursdays 5-6pm), or for a future term and we will add your child’s name to the ‘interested’ list. For now, all our coders are 7 and over (1st class and up). Even if you have previously contacted us, or your child has already done CoderDojo, please send an update, saying whether you are interested in this term or next.

Note: Due to the very high level of interest generated last year, we expect to be over-subscribed. (We’ve already had 100 children interested). We want to apologize in advance to you and your children if you wish to participate, but there isn't a space for you this term. We'll allocate the places we have in each group for this term and next term as fairly as we can.

We always need more parent mentors. These are typically parents whose children are in CoderDojo and can work independently so that their parent can help other children as well. The number of parent volunteer mentors we have had has limited how much progress we can make. No formal programming experience is necessary, but you need to be interested in learning. Our hope is that more parent mentors come forward then we can find ways to have more children participate at the same time.  If we have enough interest from parent volunteers, we will run training for parents.

Many Thanks

We are most grateful to the school for their continued support. The support of the school Board of Management, the Principal and the Parents Association is critical for us to run CoderDojo. Thanks also to the parents of all the previous coders who have come to CoderDojo and got involved.Please get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or comments.

Yours in coding,

Richard Watson

John Forrest


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