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thankyou Arizona

The Parents' Association would like to thank all those who supported the recent quiz night and raffle to raise funds for the school library.

To those who participated in the event we hope that you enjoyed it. The raffle generated great interest and enthusiasm. Thanks to all who bought tickets.

We would particularly like to record our appreciation for our sponsors on the evening, Andy Sargent, Bay Restaurant, Lemon Hair, Sillybilly Events, McMullen Massage, Kids Party Club, Stylish Guy, Kish Fish, CoCo Bo, Stonechat Jewellers, Hidden Dublin, Val Mogerly, Bank of Ireland, St. John the Baptist Parish, Star Tanning and the inaugural Chinese-language Film Festival Ireland, without whose support we could not have run the event.

We raised €1,794


The Minister for Education & Skills Richard Bruton TD, is proposing to change the admission to Church of Ireland Schools by:

  • Repealing Section 7 of the Equal Status Act 2000, which will remove 'Faith' as a criteria for school admission.
  • This will withdraw the right of parents to chose a Church of Ireland Faith Based School for their children's education - in Contravention of Article 42 and Article 44 of the Constitution.  
  • Imposing catchment areas rather than Parish Boundaries will mean Children going to the NEAREST school rather than their school of CHOICE

Will you help save our Parish School?

Click here to sign our Petition today and let your voices be heard.


Dear 5th Parents,

This Wednesday the 26th of April, 5th class will take part in a free 'Fighting Words' workshop.

Fighting Words provides tutoring and mentoring in creative writing and related arts to children. The workshop will take begin at 10am and finish at 12pm.

To keep costs down, we need parents to give all the children lifts leaving Greenlanes at 9:30am on Wednesday. Please let me know if you are available to give lifts because without support we will not be able to take part. Please E-Mail me directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Directions to the venue can be found here.

The class begins at 10 am.  For the first part of the session the children work together as a group to come up with an original story, which is typed up on a projection screen as the children come up with the ideas.  We also have some one illustrate the story as they go.  The class writes the first half of the story together as a group.  Each child then writes their own, individual ending to the story and draws their own pictures.  They are helped and encouraged by a team of volunteer tutors.  While they are working on the endings to the story, we put books together for them in the office.  The books have the part of the story the children have seen being typed up on the screen and the illustrations our volunteer illustrator has completed.  The second part of the book has lined blank pages, the idea being the children can take the endings they have been working on back to school and fill them into the back of the book.  A photo of each child is included on the back cover of the book, along with space to write ‘About the Author,’ and ‘Praise for the Critics.’

Leah Byrne


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