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Dear Sixth Class Parents, 

We have booked the flights to Edinburgh for the Sixth Class Tour. We will leave Dublin Airport (T1) at 06:35 on Tuesday 11th June. We will return that night leaving Edinburgh at 19:00 and arriving back to Dublin at 20:05. The total cost of the flights were €50 per person. 

As these flights have been booked using Mr O'Shea's personal visa card, we would appreciate it if you could send in the money at your earliest convenience. 

The adults booked to travel are: Myself, Ms Atkin, Mr O'Shea, Ms Brennan, Michael Teichmann, Gabrielle White, Patricia Richter, Anthony Monahan, Breda Sargent, Barbara Buchanan and Keith Dempsey. 

I will email the full itinerary for the day in due course. 


Denis Moynihan

Greenlanes Parent Teacher Association is producing a fantastic cookery book as part of its fundraising programme. The book will be produced to professional standard with an attractive design and lots of colour photos. It will go on sale in November. We guarantee that It will make a perfect gift as well as becoming your "go to" family cookbook!

This will be no ordinary Cookbook however. The Greenlanes cook book is going to be special because you are going to provide the recipes! We want Greenlanes families, and others with a close connection to the school, to send us your favourite family recipes. Please don't copy a recipe from your current favourite cookbook, it's your tried and tested ones we are looking for. Whether it's Uncle Conor's coddle or Granny's Ginger cake, we would love to include it.

Every parent was sent an email with an attached recipe template. We need you to send back this recipe form providing the details listed, including one or two lines on why the recipe is special.

Though time is short, Marian Sampson is hoping to include every child, class by class, in her production of 'Grease'. We wish to send on the lyrics in case any of the children would like to practice before Marian comes to teach the class. She has started with the senior classes and hopes to include all before the show on June 21st (night) and June 22nd (afternoon) in St Gabriel's Parish Hall. Marian has adapted the 'Grease' story line to make it age appropriate. 

An email was sent to all parents with a link to access all the lyrics and songs. 


Computer Virus

As you may have noticed, Greenlanes.ie was hit by a virus over the weekend. Thankfully no longterm damage was done, and the site was restored to normal this morning. We would like to say a huge thank you to Susan Reilly for all her hard work getting us back online.


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