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UPDATE: Everything is back up and working as it should.

Due to essential maintenance work, the class blogs are currently offline. Once updates have been completed the class blogs will come back online.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Gala Christmas Banquet

The inaugural 'Gala Christmas Banquet' for members of 6th class on Friday night was a huge success. Thank you to all the parents (and children) who contributed to the banquet. Everyone had a great night!

Particular thanks to Patricial Birch, Venetta Ellis-Dempsey and Louise Caird for their help on the night. 

More photos from the night can be found in the Registered Parents section of the site.

RDS Science Fair

The RDS Science Fair is an annual science fair with contributions from schools across the country. The fair runs alongside the BT Young Scientist Competition and is open to 4th-6th class pupils. This year, the pupils of 4th class will be contributing their project, "What would happen if earthworms didn't exist?" to the science fair on Friday the 11th of January 2013. 

Congratulations to 4th class and their teacher on being invited to present at the exhibit, and best of luck in the competition!

Christmas PrimroseEach Christmas to help with the “Garden Fund”, the children are given the opportunity to make Christmas Primrose Gifts for their friends and families.   Candi Belcher will supervise the planting in the school next Wednesday, 12th December. The plant will cost €5.  This successful activity significantly helps to raise funds for our garden project each year and we hope for your continued support again this year. 

Please order form below.  It is necessary to place your order and payment in advance.

If anyone is available to help Candi, please let Cathy Harry know asap.


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