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Rev. John Marchant will take the "Welcome Back" Church Service to be held next Wednesday 26th September at 12.15pm in St John the Baptist Church, Seafield Road.

All parents are welcome to attend. Children may go home immediately after the Service should be collected from outside church at 1pm.  Please remember to advise crechês & childminders accordingly.

Please Note:  After School Club & Homework Club children MAY return to school with Miss Atkin & other teachers to be collected as normal.  However, please advise Cathy Harry if you plan to collect your child from the Church instead.

 Thank you.

Greenlanes Starting School Booklet 

Starting school will be the first big change in the life of your child. Up to this your child has felt safe and secure with you in the home and family but now is facing the wider world of classroom and school. This may seem a big step for someone so small but most children manage it without any great fuss or stress - and in fact take to it like ducks to water.


Dear Parents,

We regret to advise that the Junior Infants Open Day planned for Saturday 1st September has to be cancelled due to ongoing building works. The school will not be ready to accept visitors. The builders are up against a deadline to have the school ready and prepared for re-opening on Monday 3rd September.

Please accept our sincere apologies.

Yours sincerely

Cathy Atkin


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