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Dear Parents,

As you may already be aware the School will undergo building works starting next week for 2 new classrooms.

As Health and Safetly Officer of the Board of Management, I have put a plan into place to minimise the disruption and safeguard the safety of all students, teachers and parents.

enter-by-the-gate-cThe Board of Management has decided that the back gate leading to Seapark Road will open on Tuesday next, 20th March at 8:10am. It will close again at 8:30am. This will be used for pedestrians and bicycles only.

We ask that you respect the neighbours by coming in quietly and parking carefully so that no driveway is blocked.


Thank you to everyone for making the Winter Fair such a success yesterday. Apart from raising money towards school funding, there was a fantastic atmosphere and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. €1600 was raised, which has been gratefully received by the school.

The committee wish to thank Reverend Lesley Robinson and the Parish Centre Committee for allowing us hold the Fair in the Centre and a huge thanks also to Trevor Garret for all his hard work yesterday.

The next PTA/fundraising meeting will be held in February but for now we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.

Kind Regards
Kim Brady
Chairperson of the PTA/Fundraising Committee.


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