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scripture union

The Scripture Union Weekend Adventure in Ovoca Manor is now open for online booking. Paul has advised us that booking is on a first come first served basis. To book please visit scriptureunion.ie or click on the logo above to be linked directly to the camp open to Greenlanes NS pupils.

The camp runs from the 8-10 of March 2013 and costs a total of €70.

Full information can be found on the attached brochure. 

Dear Parents

There has been two cases of suspicious activity in the Clontarf area since last week involving children being watched. It is now vital that Mr O'Shea closes the back gate at 8:20am and I close the front gate at 8.20am. Children are invited to come to school from 8.10am to 8.20am. Any child arriving after 8.20am is the responsibility of their parents. We cannot leave the inner gate open any longer allowing latecomers access to the school. Neither is it the remit of any member of staff to be waiting at the gate to take care of latecomers.

Gates closed


Dear Parents, 

We would like to say congratulations to the children in Fourth Class for doing so well at the RDS Primary Science fair yesterday. They received an award and very positive feedback from the Judging Panel for their project "Earthworms, what would happen if they did not exist?". They have also been invited to present their project at another Science Fair later in the year. Well Done. Click here to view some photos of the day.

We would like to say a special thank you to all the parents who helped out with the project and those accompanied Mr Moynihan and Ms Brennan to the RDS. 


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