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Maths Eyes

A huge congratulations to 4th class and their teacher on being one of the top entries for the 'Have You Got Maths Eyes' Competition 2013. They put in a huge deal of work for this project, and their entry was listed as one of the five best in the country. The class, along with their teachers, Mr. Dermot Moynihan and Ms. Brennan, received their award at a special award ceremony today. 

This is the second year in a row that Greenlanes has been awarded a prize in the 'Maths Eyes' competition. The current 5th class won an award last year. Fingers crossed that the pupils of Greenlanes will continue to use their 'Maths Eyes' and win again next year!

Leinster Rugby

Dear Parents,

The Heineken Cup will be coming to the school tomorrow.

Leinster Rugby intend taking photographs for use in future advertising therefore please let us know by email if you DO NOT wish your child to be photographed.

Thank you


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