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URGENT: Roadworks - Seafield Road East


Dear Parents,

We have just been made aware that there will be major road works on Seafield Road East from today until Friday the 19th October. Seafield Avenue and Seapark Road will be closed at the Seafield Road Junctions until this date.

For the period of the roadworks, access to Seafield Avenue or Seapark Road will be restricted to residents only. Do not drive onto Seafield Avenue or Seapark Road. This is a safeguarding request.

During the period of disruption, the school strongly recommends that children walk, cycle or scoot to school. As Mount Prospect Avenue is part of the recommended diversion, there will be more cars than normal on this route.

The school has put this plan in place for the duration of the road works.

At Morning Drop off: Teacher and Garda Vetted parents will wait at the Mount Prospect Avenue entrance to Seafield Avenue and Seapark Road from 8am to receive the children and walk them down to school gate. Dan, the lollipop man will be on Mount Prospect Avenue to assist children to cross the road.

At Pickup Times: We ask parents to walk down Seafield Avenue/Seapark Road and come in as usual to collect their children. Parent volunteers will stand with Dan to help unaccompanied children.

Dublin City Council have acknowledged that they failed to inform the school of the roadworks as per usual practice. Should you have any concerns or feedback re the above please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cathy Atkin – Principal

Aidan O’Shea – Deputy Principal

Kate Robbins – Board of Management

Jane Sevastopulo – PA Committee

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