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Christmas Reminders 2018



  • 4th December - 5th Class trip to Edinburgh
  • 5th December - 3/4/5/6 Running Competition
  • 7th December - PA Bake Sale
  • 17th December - Final day to return Secret Santa Gifts
  • 18th December - Sixth Class Christmas Market 
  • 19th December - 5th Class (Wendy B) sing at Clontarf Hospital Carol Service
  • 20th December - Santa Visits Greenlanes
  • 21st December - Greenlanes Christmas Service

School will close for Christmas Holidays at 12pm on Friday 21st December and reopen Monday 7th January.


A lot of children have been asking about Secret Santa presents, so we are going to trial it again for all classes this year. We had to stop it as some children were not happy with the gifts they got and this caused a lot of stress all round. However, we would like to try it again. The teachers will hold a draw and each child pick out the name of a child in their class to buy a gift for.

We ask that each gift costs no more or no less than €6 and be wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper with the child’s name on it. We need these presents to be brought in by Monday 17th December and Santa will distribute them class by class when he visits on Thursday 20th December. 


The Animals in Need Calendars could not be printed this year, so sixth class will run a ‘Christmas Market’ for Animal Rescue. The market will take place on Tuesday 18th December. It will take place during school time for the children only. All money raised will be put in the Animal Rescue account in Bull Wall Vets. Many rescuers access these funds.

As part of the Market there will be various stalls including a book stall, a decorate your own Gingerbread Man stall, a face painting stall and a games stall.

Any donations of toys/books etc will be gratefully received and can be left in the Ms Atkin’s Office.


We would like to remind you that The Board of Management, together with The Parents Association, have come to a joint decision that there are no longer individual presents to be bought for any staff member at Christmas. Although everyone is extremely grateful for these gifts, the reality is the majority of families cannot afford the extra cost and this results in a lot of the children getting very upset when they see others presenting the teacher with a gift and they don't have anything to give. 


For Health and Safety reasons, the Christmas Service will be split into two. A Senior Christmas Service (3rd – 6th Class Children and Parents) and a Junior Christmas Service (Junior Infant – 2nd Class Children and Parents).

Both Services will take place on Friday 21st December. The Senior Service will take place from 9:30am-10am. Senior Children will walk to the church with their teachers and back to school once the service has finished. The Junior Service will take place from 11am-11:30am. Junior Children will walk to the church with their teachers and back to school after. School will finish for all at 12pm. NO SCHOOLBAGS on the day and lunch/drinks should be provided in disposable containers. During this day, children remain under the supervision of their class teacher.

Please Note: The church will remain empty between the Senior and Junior Christmas services.

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