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Parents Association update


Parents Association Update

Dear Parents, over the last couple of weeks the Parents Association have had a focus group meeting (17th January) with Ms. Atkin and Mr. O’Shea, and in addition we met with the Board of Management last Thursday (24th January) to align priorities. It was a good opportunity to meet all the members and to hear about the school’s priorities and challenges going forward. The Board of Management asked the Parents Association to pass on their gratitude to the parent body for their generous voluntary contributions, which have been and are essential to the school’s functioning. At both meetings the PA used the opportunity to raise some of the questions and concerns from parents: 

  • Feeder schools: A question came from a parent - “I would like the PA to raise the issue of feeder schools for Greenlanes pupils, it is becoming a more multi denominational school but yet only Church of Ireland kids are guaranteed school places in secondary. I as well as many other parents would like to see Greenlanes being a feeder to other secondary schools, places for the likes of Holyfaith, Santa Sabina etc. This is becoming more of an issue year on year and causing a lot of distress and heartache for kids who are not Church of Ireland.”

Reverend Lesley, as the Chair of the Board of Management, agreed to examine options for Greenlanes to be named a feeder school in a wider range of secondary schools. The Board of Management were grateful for this being raised as a concern by parents. 

  • After-school activities: The PA is prioritising finding more afternoon activities for children in the school. A survey monkey will be sent out, and one of the questions will include which afterschool activities would be preferred. A question came in - “I wonder would it be worth asking if there could ever be a chance of afterschool activities in the school? I have a friend who teaches yoga & was going to suggest yoga classes after school”

In answer to this question, the concern is a lack of space within the school. The PA on the back of this have agreed to take this away and look at other options, for example using the Parish Hall as a venue. Basketball was hugely successful last near thanks to the efforts of Ronan White and David O’Sullivan. For a number of reasons, we have, as yet, been unsuccessful in getting this up and running again this year, however, we are still looking at options, and hope to get this going again for the summer term. The school do run a number of afterschool sporting activities for classes from 3rd – 6th. 

  • School tours: “Will there be school tours this year? I know 5th and 6th class have done tours already but are the other classes doing tours. There were no tours last year.”

School tours will be happening again this year, plans to be finalised mid to end February, for travel in May and June. School would like feedback on what would be acceptable for the higher end of costs. We will send out a survey monkey to collate the feedback on this.

  • Possiblilty of fundraising for or installing a Buddy Bench: Alison Johnston is examining a “friendship stop”, and is in the advanced stages of planning.
  • School Hall: Is Greenlanes planning on building the school hall that they got planning permission for?

Not in the immediate future, due to the high cost and the massive ask in fundraising that this would require. Space requirements remain a priority of the school and we hope to be able to provide further details as we get them.

  • Feedback from Christmas market: Capped amount to be brought in in future, as some children brought in more than others and there was confusion amongst the children.

Other questions raised by parents, such as fundraising for play equipment in the yard, have been taken back to the PA to work on at the next Focus Group and Committee meeting.

The PA would like to continue focussing on healthy eating in the school, we will welcome any ideas to encourage this and any initiatives that you know of, and how this can be encouraged further in the school. The school has a healthy eating policy available here

Getting involved 

If you have any skills, ideas, or opportunities, please do not hesitate in letting us know. 

The Parents Association hope to arrange a Parents Social Night in the near future, if you have any great ideas, we would be delighted to hear them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many thanks,

Jane and AnnMarie, Co-chairs

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