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Booklists - September 2019 - CHANGES


Dear Parents, 

Booklist Costs for September 2019 are available here. In a change from recent years, books will be available for collection on Wednesday 26th June from 9:30am to 12:30pm. If you are not available to collect the books on the 26th June, we will give them to your child to take home on that day. Payment can be made anytime between now and the 26th June using the aladdin app or using your ePayment access link. Click here if you have misplaced or deleted the link.

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, the school will not cover any single use workbooks. We will continue to cover books on loan. The book covering fee has been reduced from €4.50 to €1.50 to reflect this change. We are also switching to environmentally friendly homework wallets and significantly reducing the amount of plastic copybook covers we will use. 

FINALLY REMEMBER: If your child is currently in Junior Infants you will be paying for the Senior Infant Booklist and so on. 

Cathy Atkin 

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