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Ethos Statement

Greenlanes National School, Clontarf, is a Church of Ireland co-educational primary school under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin. The characteristic spirit of the school is Christian, mediated through the teaching and witness of the Anglican Communion in general and the Church of Ireland in particular. However, the school does give due recognition to children of all other religious beliefs and none. 

Diversity is cherished with a spirit of mutual respect for all. We recognise and foster the unity of mind, body and spirit in a holistic approach to ensure that every child in our care is treated fairly, equally and respectfully. 

Greenlanes National School endeavours to provide a context for the educational development of each child which is attentive, holistic, supportive, safe and welcoming within the perimeters of curriculum, resources, space and time.

Greenlanes National School values highly a spirit of partnership between the Parish, School, Board of Management, Staff, Parent’s Association, Parent Volunteers, Parents and Pupils.

Greenlanes National School has a valued place within the life of Clontarf Parish and its Rector has a regular and very welcome participation at weekly assembly.

 Pupils are encouraged to develop a respect for, and friendship with God, through the study of Religion using the Follow Me Series of Text books prepared by the Church Of Ireland for use in schools. 

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