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Parents Association

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Role and function of a Parents Association 

The main aims are:

·      To help the school achieve its aims in any way we can – providing the best education possible for all our children

·      To liaise with the Principal on relevant issues

·      To provide support for parents especially new arrivals in the school

·      To provide practical help when required in the school

·      To facilitate social opportunities for parents at school-based meetings

·      To help the school/BoM financially when suitable opportunities arise

It is not about:

·      Decision making and management issues in the school

·      Professional issues re. teaching and learning

·      A channel for complaints for other parents

In Greenlanes National School, the Parents Association liaise with the Principal in a monthly focus group. This is the directive of the Inspectorate. This focus group discusses the current needs of the school, plans for improving the learning environment, fundraising efforts etc and is open the Board of Management and the Parents Association Committee. It is chaired by the Deputy Principal and the agenda is set by the Chairperson of the Parents Association Committee. This agenda should be forwarded to all participants well in advance of each meeting. This is not a channel to bring parental complaints as these are dealt with by the Complaints Procedure laid down and ratified by the Department of Education, the INTO and the COIPSMA. 




  1. All parents or guardians of children attending the school (the “parent body”) will be deemed to be members of the Association.


  1. To provide a structure for the involvement of the parent body in the education of their children.
  2. To represent the parent body of children attending the school.
  3. To work in partnership with and to support the Principal, staff and the Board of Management (“the Board”) to achieve the best possible education for children attending the school.
  4. To facilitate and encourage effective communication between the parent body and the school Principal and staff.
  5. To promote the interests of students in co-operation with the Principal, staff, the Board and the students.
  6. To undertake a programme of activities, including fundraising, that facilitate the Association in achieving its aims.


  1. The Association shall be structured as follows:
  1. A Committee elected by the parent body to manage the activities of the Association;
  2. Sub-committees, appointed by the Committee as required to oversee and manage specific activities being undertaken by the Association; and
  3. Additionally, the Committee may co-opt to its membership or that of subcommittees it appoints persons from outside the general membership if they have an expertise that could be of assistance to the Association in fulfilling its aims.

(9) The Committee will comprise of up to twelve positions, with a minimum of six positions, including Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and the two parent nominees on the Board who shall be ex-officio members of the Committee. 

(10) Decisions by Committee shall be by simple majority of those attending. Sub-committees may not make decisions without reference to the Committee. Constitution of the Greenlanes National School Parents’ Association 

(11) The Committee shall serve a term of twelve months, running from an AGM. 

(12) At each AGM, the Committee shall retire after it has overseen the election of a new Committee but not before it has provided a report on its activities for the preceding year. 

(13) A member elected to the Committee may not hold the same officer position for more than three consecutive years. 

(14) Each newly elected Committee shall decide how to fill the officer positions. 

(15) The Committee shall hold at least four meetings during the year at dates and times it agrees at its first meeting after the AGM at which it was elected. 

(16) The Committee shall make every effort to communicate effectively with the membership of the Association.


(17) The Association will finance its activities through fundraising specifically to help in achieving its aims.

(18) The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping the accounts of the Association and will provide a statement of income and expenditure to the AGM. 

(19) Any fundraising undertaken on behalf of the school will be agreed in advance with the Principal and if necessary, with the Board. 

(20) The Association shall operate a bank account or accounts in its name. All paying instructions on the account(s) shall require sign-off authorisation by two nominated members of the Committee. 

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

(21) An AGM shall be held in the first term of each school year. The Committee will endeavour to organise the AGM by 31 October in each year. 

(22) Notice of the AGM shall be provided to the parent body at least one week before the date of the proposed AGM. 

(23) Resolutions at the AGM shall be decided on a simple majority of those present and voting. 

(24) This Constitution can only be amended by two-thirds of those present and voting at the AGM. 


Effective Date: 3 May 2017.

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